Rice Dishes

  • 9 AED
    Steamed Rice

  • 11 AED
    Biryani Rice

    Finest basmati rice delicately flavoured with saffron, ground spices & cooked to perfection

  • 13 AED
    Jeera Rice

    Rice tempered in butter with crisply fried cumin seeds

  • 12 AED
    Mutter Pulao

    Rice cooked with fresh green peas

  • 20 AED
    Vegetable Pulao

    Rice cooked with a variety of fresh garden vegetables, garnished with grated cottage cheese & cashew nuts

  • 26 AED
    Paneer Tikka Biryani

    Cubes of cottage cheese grilled & cooked together with long grain rice

  • 28 AED
    Chicken Tikka Biryani

    Boneless pieces if char-grilled & cooked with traditional basmati rice

  • 43 AED
    Fish Biryani

    Fresh Pomfret & rice cooked together with a mixture of secret spices

  • 45 AED
    Shahi Prawns Biryani

    Prawns & rice cooked together with a blend of secret spices

  • 23 AED
    Vegetable Biryani

    The vegetarian version of our famous “DUM” Biryani

  • 24 AED
    Chicken Biryani

    The finest basmati rice cooked with spiced chicken & potatoes & delicately flavoured with aromatic spices & given a traditional “DUM” over a wood fire

  • 26 AED
    Mutton Biryani

    Long grained traditional basmati rice cooked with delicately spiced mutton & potatoes flavoured with aromatic herbs, over a traditional “DUM” over a wood fire